2018 Tax Review

View Sand Hill's current assessment of the sweeping U.S. tax code overhaul signed into law in late 2017.

Cynde Lee

Cynde Lee

Managing Director
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In her over two decades with Sand Hill, Cynde Lee has seen the advisor industry mature and the financial services industry evolve substantially. With the ever-growing changes in the wealth management landscape, she harnesses her experience and knowledge to bring insight to everything we do, providing strategic guidance to the overall direction of the firm from the perspective of our clients.

As a Managing Director at Sand Hill, Cynde is responsible for setting a path for the firm’s policies and procedures as well as architecting many aspects of its longer-term strategic plan.  In this capacity, she leverages her prior roles as Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Operations to provide valuable business acumen to the Executive Committee on everything from compliance to operations. But most importantly, Cynde brings her vision to the day-to-day and big picture alike. That vision is always informed by her commitment to the firm’s corporate values of honesty, accuracy, and putting our clients’ best interests first.

Outside of work, Cynde likes to stay busy with traveling, reading, gardening, hiking, and practicing yoga. She loves spending time with her two grown children and enjoying the serenity of her vacation home in Lake Tahoe. Cynde is a founding member of the San Francisco Corporate Administration Roundtable, a voluntary group comprised of corporate operational professionals from 25 local firms.

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