Include Personal and Financial Planning in the Sale of Your Business

Include Personal and Financial Planning in the Sale of Your Business

According to The Goldhill Group, 75% of business owners surveyed regret selling their business after it’s been sold.1   This is an alarmingly high percentage. Did these business owners not set goals for what they envisioned life would be like on “Monday” after the sale? Did these business owners not have a team of professionals surrounding them that were all aligned in the common goal of helping the business owner and his or her family meet their goals and achieve their legacy creation?

The exercise of selling a business doesn’t just mean you have a valuation of the company prepared and “go to market”. There are many incredibly meaningful steps along the way that should aid in the feeling of clarity and fulfillment once the business is sold. At the heart of this planning is an ongoing assessment of, not only the business, but perhaps more importantly, your personal and financial preparedness through this journey as well.

Personal Planning:

  • Preplanning : What will make your next act fulfilling? How do you envision spending your days after the business has been sold?
  • Family: Is your family on board with this plan? This may be a spouse, or perhaps the business is family owned and will have some of its own unique considerations.
  • Health: Are there health considerations to be aware of as this may inform timing or expediency of the sale?
  • S.T.E.P.:

• Spiritual: My life has been my business. Who do I want to be once the business is sold?

• Things: What are the material things I/we want or want to get rid of?

• Experiences: What are the experiences I hope to enjoy?

• People: Who are the people most important to me?

Financial Planning:

  • Wealth goals: What lifestyle do I want and what do I need to live it well?
  • Financial modeling: Can my portfolio support this lifestyle?
  • Spending needs versus wants: Do I need “X” or do I just want “X”?
  • Budgeting: How does spending change in retirement, if at all?

If you and your  family aren’t prepared in this journey and feeling organized and engaged with each other and your professional team, getting to the finish line by selling your company may not feel like a celebration or creation of true value.

Having a professional advisory team is important, particularly when considering the sale of your business. In addition to a Wealth Manager, other members of these initial conversations and core team are an estate planning attorney, a tax advisor/CPA, and a business attorney. In preparation for your exit, the professional team will extend beyond this core team and may include: a business  valuation expert, growth strategist, insurance broker, marketing professional, real estate professional, commercial and investment banker, family business broker, and others. Each professional brings their respective industry experience which is invaluable to a successful exit or business succession.  

Imagine that in your work with your Wealth Manager, you design your dream retirement but with your current asset accumulation (excluding the value of your business), the cash flow analysis estimates that you aren’t able to achieve this retirement vision. In this modeling, your Wealth Manager can help estimate how much cash you need from the company sale to achieve this goal. This will be critical to know early in the process.

To help prevent you from becoming another statistic of a business owner who regrets the sale of their company, be sure to start the planning process of this milestone life event early. Your Sand Hill team enjoys collaborating with your full professional team and our passion is working with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

1-The Goldhill Group. Most Owners Regret Exiting Their Business. Here’s Why a Business Exit Strategy Is Important.

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