Emmett Kelly

Emmett Kelly

Financial Planner
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From a young age, Emmett knew he wanted to work in the financial sector. Growing up as the oldest child of a single mother, he got a firsthand view of the importance of budgeting and planning. Learning family finances at a young age taught him the importance of saving and how to use money in the most efficient ways possible. Ever since then, he has been determined to share his knowledge with others to help them improve their lives.

Emmett’s desire to learn about investing led him to study economics at Penn State University and to get his start working in wealth management at Goldman Sachs. Ultimately, Sand Hill’s focus on growth, tight-knit company culture, and presence within the Bay Area brought him to our team. Adept at using our financial planning software, he brings important advantages to his clients and our team as a whole. 

In his free time, Emmett enjoys being active, and recently added hot yoga to his other hobbies of hiking and spending time at the beach. Locally, he prefers Stinson Beach and Mount Tam, but nothing can beat the hiking around Salt Lake City where his mom now lives. Whether he’s finding the perfect trail or working with clients, Emmett specializes in great experiences.

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